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Christoph H. Hintze Drafting
105 Banks Street
Morehead City, NC 28557




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Contract Drafting: $75.00 per hour
Basic Fee: $1.50 per square foot under roof

The basic fee is for a "Builder's Set"; a minimum set for permitting purposes consisting of a cover sheet, floor plans, exterior elevations, one building section, one wall section and a foundation plan.

Supplementary fees, depending on your requirements, can consist of any combination of the following:


Site Plan:

If digital copy of survey is provided to this office:
If only a hard copy is provided to this office:

$75.00 per hour with a $500.00 minimum
Additional Building Sections: $50.00 each
Interior Elevations: $50.00 per set of four
Windows Schedule: $50.00 each
Door Schedule: $50.00 each
Room Finish Schedule: $50.00 each
Structural Drawings:

Floor Framing Plans:
Roof Framing Plans:

$0.25 per square foot
$0.25 per square foot
Plumbing Plans, Diagrammatic Only: $0.25 per square foot
HVAC Plans, Diagrammatic Only: $0.25 per square foot
Electrical Plans, Diagrammatic Only: $0.25 per square foot
Travel (If Required): $0.55 per mile

I am willing to work from any examples you wish but I will not copy another designers copyrighted work without written permission of the designer of record.

The process that I use to prepare your documents and billing is as follows:

Once we have arrived at and agreed upon the extent of services that you require of me and the fees that you agree to pay me; I will prepare you documents in four stages. These stages will consist of three reviews and then delivery of five copies of your finished documents. I will invoice you for 25% of my fee at each one of these stages with continuation to the next stage of the work dependent on payment of invoiced amount. When I receive payment of the final invoice I will provide you with a letter giving you permision to make copies of the documents I have prepared for you as required for construction of this project and a compact disc with PDF's of your documents as well.